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Why Is Caviar Considered a Delicacy?

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Why Is Caviar Considered a Delicacy?

The fresh, rich taste of caviar continues to be a staple for seafood lovers and luxurious lifestyle connoisseurs across the globe. While the dish itself may be small, its flavor and historical presence in the culinary world make caviar one of the most delectable foods to savor at events and restaurants. There is no food quite like caviar when you consider the taste, texture and rarity of this delicious serving.

Before venturing into why caviar is considered such a delicacy, we welcome you to dive into the history of its divine flavor and how far it has come to be a valued part of elegant menus.

When Did Caviar Become a Delicacy?

It's easy to feel like royalty when you try a taste of caviar for the first time — or even during your 10th sampling. Even after acquiring the salty freshness, the prestige of the dish remains. So, where did this taste come from, and how did it reach its current level of luxury? 

The history of caviar began thousands of years ago when the rich taste sparked a new era of extravagant dining:

  • 4th Century B.C.: One of the first records of caviar in history comes from Aristotle's love for the divine flavor over 2,000 years ago.
  • 12th-16th Century: Russian fishermen's skill and attention to detail granted the world a taste of the gold roe from Sterlet sturgeons. The rarity of finding these unfertilized fish eggs made them a luxurious dish in the eyes of Russian and European royal courts.
  • 19th century: By the 1800s, caviar had grown significantly in popularity across Europe. Fishermen began opening fishing businesses to catch an abundance of sturgeons. In return, they could profit from selling these fresh, delectable eggs, making the caviar industry boom in sales. During this time, The United States became one of the biggest caviar producers across the globe.
  • 20th-21st century: Overfishing slowed caviar production due to the minimized population of sturgeons worldwide. The decrease in availability made the taste of caviar rare in every country, which created the higher prices of the dish that we know today. 

The extensive history and growing market continue to make caviar one of the most desired flavors in the world. With the changes in the fishing industry and the production of these delectable flavors from sturgeon eggs, we can now explore why caviar is a delicacy in every corner of the globe.

Why Is Caviar a Delicacy Around the World?

The history of caviar becoming a delicacy can explain a portion of its popularity among wealthy, upper-class individuals and seafood enthusiasts. However, finding and harvesting these eggs is one of the main reasons this dish is associated with luxurious lifestyles across the globe.

Why Is Caviar a Delicacy Around the World?

Glance through the impressive factors of this dish's production and consumption to learn more about caviar delicacy.


The decreasing population and near extinction of sturgeons in rivers and oceans is the top contributor to the high prices of caviar. Since the possibility of catching these fish in the wild are rare, the fishing industry has turned to farming their own sturgeons to harvest caviar. The farming method allows the production of unfertilized eggs to increase while granting wild sturgeons the ability to live freely in natural waters worldwide.

However, farming sturgeons can take a decade before being able to produce eggs for caviar, which can explain the continuous rarity and delicacy of tasting this ingredient during your next trip to a high-end restaurant.

Complexity of Harvesting

The humane method of providing for these beautiful fish also allows for a safer production of caviar. Although these preferred caviar harvesting processes are harmless and do not impact the quality of life for the sturgeons, it is incredibly time-consuming, which also increases the price of which caviar sells.

The process of harvesting caviar occurs in two carefully monitored steps:

  1. Preparation: Female sturgeons are the only fish that can produce caviar since the dish comes from the unfertilized eggs of the species. When the sturgeon is in its ovulation stage, she will receive an injection to make removing the eggs as easy as possible. Sedating the fish can also make the process of removing the eggs completely harmless, which is a valuable aspect of harvesting in the culinary world.
  2. Removal: Producing sturgeon eggs can happen in one of two ways: C-section or striping. The C-section method requires a delicate incision that allows the harvester to scoop the eggs from the stomach of the sturgeon. Afterward, the fish will receive a few stickers and bandages to move the healing process along. Striping is a natural delivery method that allows the sturgeon to produce the eggs through a milking technique. 

Although these two steps require attention to detail, patience and careful planning, the second half of production can also take time to complete before the eggs become caviar. 

Unfertilized sturgeon eggs are incredibly delicate because they come from the roe sacks of the fish. After removing the sack, a mesh screen separates the eggs from the pouch to provide the main ingredient in caviar. The final step hydrates and salts the caviar before draining and grading the eggs to prepare for transport to various parts of the world that desire a taste of this delicate ingredient.

Rich Tastes

Those with an acquired taste for luxurious food will pay top dollar for the finest caviar in the world. If the saltiness overpowers the texture or natural flavor of the eggs, they will be able to tell. Seafood enthusiasts know the difference between finely harvested caviar and lower-quality ingredients. Therefore, the harvesting process remains one of the most critical factors of caviar delicacy. 

Whether these avid elegant diners enjoy the taste of Ossetra caviar or the richness of Kaluga reserve caviar, the flavor and texture are unmistakable. No other food creates quite the experience as these eggs do, so being able to provide these rich, savory delicacies explains the high demand all over the world.

Enjoy the History and Delectable Taste of Imperia Caviar

After learning the impressive history and rare factors of this delicious dish, we invite you to try a taste of our quality caviar for yourself. Whether you are planning a luxurious event, searching for rare menu items or trying to broaden your food palette, you can start with Imperia Caviar's selection of affordable flavors to get a taste of elegant lifestyles wherever you are. 

At Imperia Caviar, we prioritize offering you the same delicious flavor of high-quality sturgeon eggs at a reasonable price. We value providing caviar delicacy to more seafood lovers and adventurous eaters while promoting sustainable and ethical production to protect the sturgeon population.

Browse our finest caviar selections today to enjoy the exquisite taste for yourself.

Enjoy the History and Delectable Taste of Imperia Caviar

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