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Caviar: TikTok's New Favorite Snack Trend

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Caviar is a decadent and delicious treat associated with wealth and luxury. The dish is best served with sophisticated food and drinks that highlight its flavor and enhance the eating experience, such as wagyu, truffle oil, toast points, and champagne. However, a recent TikTok trend attempts to challenge these associations by pairing caviar with everyday snacks. This interesting take on how caviar can be enjoyed is catching the attention of Generation Z users.

This breakdown will cover why caviar is trending on TikTok. We'll take a look at the trend and its origins and explore some different combinations to gain a deeper understanding of this social media phenomenon.

The Caviar TikTok Trend Explained

The "snackification" of caviar started in November 2022 when Danielle Zaslavskaya posted a video about her "OG favorite snack" — caviar on "fitness bread." The video features her using her family's brand of Siberian sturgeon caviar on a piece of rye bread with some butter. Many commenters were intrigued by the pairing, with many people saying they were interested in trying caviar.

Her video sparked the idea that caviar can be eaten with everyday foods rather than exclusively paired with "fancy" meals, as per the association. Since then, caviar TikTok videos have seen a massive increase. Searching "CaviarTok" on the platform results in a wide variety of videos showing people trying all sorts of interesting combinations and caviar-based meals. From caviar rosti to caviar and fried chicken, the culinary curiosity of TikTokers has led to some interesting new ideas that might reframe the way caviar is seen by many.

The Most Interesting TikTok Caviar Combinations

Zaslavskaya quickly earned the title “Queen of Caviar TikTok,” and the trend she began is still going strong today. Many people jumped on the bandwagon and started pairing all sorts of interesting foods and snacks with the delicacy to try it out. These are some of the most ambitious combinations that caught our attention.

Caviar Doritos

This is one of the most popular caviar trends that Zaslavskaya also started. She adds Kaluga caviar to a Dorito chip with cream cheese and mentions that crème fraîche will also work. Crème fraîche is super simple to make, so you can whip it up yourself in no time. When choosing a Dorito flavor, be sure to select something mild. The goal is to have the flavors of the caviar complement the flavor of the crème fraîche and Dorito. Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch make for excellent pairing options. 

Caviar Rosti

A video with millions of views shares a fascinating pairing of caviar and rosti. Rosti is a Swiss dish made of potatoes that are shallow-fried in a pan, usually with meat like bacon or salami. However, there are some meatless variations. Potatoes pair perfectly with caviar, making rosti a natural way of evolving that combination. The post by @notorious_foodie shows how the rosti is made and how it should be plated with the caviar.

Fried Chicken and Caviar

This is a common caviar meal in the caviar TikTok community. This simple meal is an easy-to-make option for caviar enjoyers. The taste and texture of the fried chicken can add a lot to the caviar-tasting experience. Combining the chicken's crunchiness and subtle flavors with the caviar's bold tastes is a tasty combination worth trying. You can make your own fried chicken or pick up your favorite from the drive-through. Consider serving the fried chicken with sour cream for a tangy touch.


momofuku ko bar taught me this one as well 👍

♬ original sound - h woo

Cowboy Caviar

A dish that has received a lot of attention on TikTok is cowboy caviar. This dish is a tasty option that can be served as a side, salad, dip, or topping. With ingredients like beans, fresh vegetables, and fruits, you won't actually need caviar for this recipe. Rather, it's a clever alternative that offers a similar textural experience to sturgeon roe. 

Another great thing about this recipe is that it can be customized and altered to suit your needs. As a result, there are hundreds of cowboy caviar variants on TikTok. At Imperia Caviar, we have our favorite way of making cowboy caviar, but we also recommend checking out some of the creative twists that TikTokers have been making.

Scotch Egg and Caviar

Another caviar video made by @notorious_foodie details how to make and plate caviar with a scotch egg. A scotch egg is made by wrapping a hard-boiled egg in sausage meat, dipping it in breadcrumbs, and deep-frying it. Scrambled and hard-boiled eggs are already a popular and simple caviar pairing, so those who prefer tasting more flavors and experiencing many textures simultaneously will be delighted by this tasty caviar snack.

Uni Toast with Caviar

Uni toast, a rising star in the world of gastronomy, presents a unique canvas for indulgence, and what better way to elevate it than with the addition of luxurious caviar? Uni toast typically features creamy sea urchin roe (uni) atop a toasted slice of artisanal bread. To take this culinary delight to the next level, however, these TikTok influencers topped it with a generous dollop of premium caviar!

@newt Dream collab 😭 with @Jet & Susur ♬ original sound - newt


The Effects of Caviar TikTok Videos

TikTok is a hub of creativity and exploration, and now the caviar community is getting in on the action. The caviar TikTok trend has captured people's interest and introduced many to caviar for the first time. People who were previously uninterested in caviar may have seen how they can pair caviar with foods already in their pantry — and now they're excited about trying the treat. The recipe content, videos of people trying caviar for the first time, individuals giving caviar reviews, and people introducing their loved ones to caviar on TikTok all make caviar less intimidating for those curious about trying it. 

TikTok is providing an amazing introduction to caviar, especially for young people. If TikTok has made you curious about trying caviar, it's important to invest in high-quality caviar for the best experience. After all, part of what makes caviar such a special treat is that there are no substitutes for the real thing. So, after exploring the caviar side of TikTok for recipe inspiration, preparation tips, and serving suggestions, shop real caviar from Imperia Caviar to put the recipes to the test. You might even share your own experience on TikTok!

Experience Real Caviar With Imperia Caviar

The creativity displayed in this TikTok trend has made it impossible for caviar connoisseurs not to take a look. If your interest in caviar is piqued, you can trust Imperia Caviar to provide delicious caviar to get your journey started. For high-quality caviar and pairings like truffle products and wagyu beef, shop Imperia Caviar today. We can help you dive into the delicious trend! To learn more about the best ways to taste, pair, and appreciate caviar, browse our online resources and immerse yourself in the delightful world of caviar!

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