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What is Dried Caviar & How to Use It

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Dried caviar is made from dehydrated caviar eggs. The drying process includes removing the briny liquid while preserving caviar's flavor. Dried caviar powder is less fragile than regular sturgeon roe eggs, and it's able to be used as a seasoning or garnish that adds flavor and color to your dishes. 

Caviar powder is extremely versatile and brings a touch of class to your culinary endeavors, from large parties to intimate get-togethers. 

What Dehydrated Caviar Tastes Like

Delicate hints of umami combined with briny and nutty flavors similar to olives and nori make up the taste of dried caviar. Umami is our fifth taste category, alongside sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. Umami foods have a deep and savory flavor. Dehydrated caviar combines umami with nutty flavors perfectly, creating a balanced taste sensation that's not quite as strong as fresh caviar. 

How to Use Dehydrated Caviar

There are endless ways to use dried caviar. It adds a layer of flavor to your dishes that other spices cannot, so you'll have to experiment to determine what works for your palette. You can use dried caviar powder in the following ways:

  • With food: Use dehydrated caviar as a flavoring or a garnish. You can also infuse some food with the dry caviar gems.
  • With cocktails: Dried caviar goes well with most spirits and drinks, and you can add it as a garnish. 

Pairing Dehydrated Caviar With Food

Whether you're hosting a large event or looking for a special meal to try at home, dried caviar brings a new element to your dishes:

  • Flavoring: You can use dried caviar as a spice to flavor your meals. As a dried product, it's easy to pair with different flavors. Use it to season pasta dishes, fish, blinis, french fries, eggs, and soups. You can add your dried caviar to a pepper grinder, or you can use it as is. 
  • Garnish: With its elegant, rich color and copper hues, feel free to garnish your dishes with this ingredient. Try it on foods where the color will pop. Eggs, pasta, soups, and creme fraiche on blini will complement the deep hues of dried caviar. 

How to Season, Garnish, and Infuse Food With Dehydrated Caviar

As with all seasons and spices, you want to use enough dried caviar to add flavor without overpowering your dish. Start with a small pinch, and slowly increase the amount until you reach the desired flavor. If you're hosting a party and want to impress with your presentation, adding dried caviar as a garnish may be more important than adding it as a seasoning. Display your dried caviar as a table centerpiece in a pepper grinder for easy access during parties. 

dried caviar as a garnish

Due to its versatility, you can also use dried caviar powder to infuse certain foods:

  • Caviar salt: A combination of caviar and salt brings the best of both worlds to your table. Add the gems to Himalayan salt or sea salt, and allow the combination to stand for a few days. The result is a seasoning with a salty and deep iodine flavor. 
  • Caviar honey: The sweet taste of honey combined with caviar's umami profile can create a subtle yet distinct condiment. You can infuse the pearls whole or crushed, but remember that crushed gems can provide a stronger flavor.
  • Caviar oil: When you add dried caviar pearls to your cooking oil, you bring the caviar taste to all foods cooked, such as stir-fries. You can also drizzle flavored oil over salads. Feel free to experiment with caviar oil to find the right balance for your taste buds. 
  • Caviar black pepper: Much like caviar salt, you can mix your dehydrated caviar with some black pepper. Use a pepper grinder for best results. 

Creating Cocktails With Dried Caviar

Dried caviar can add another layer to your cocktail drinks, and their visual appeal will be a talking point at your next event. Here are some options for creating cocktails with dried caviar:

  • Infused in cocktails: Add interesting flavor notes to your upcoming cocktail party drinks by stocking up on dried caviar. The gems will react to the spirits in your cocktails and provide a medley of flavor. Add the dried caviar gems into your shaker along with your cocktail of choice. Allow the beads time to infuse their flavors before pouring the drink. Remember that dried caviar is more concentrated than regular caviar, so a little goes a long way. 
  • Cocktail garnish: You can also garnish your cocktail glasses for an added touch of class. The dry gems mimic small beads or diamonds and are great for visual appeal. To use the caviar beads as a garnish, place them on the rim of your glasses as the final step in your cocktail preparation. Add maple syrup to the gems to help them adhere to the glass and for an added crystalized effect. This helps with its shine and flavor, too. 

Caviar Cocktail Pairings

These drinks pair well with dried caviar: 

  • Premium vodka: Infuse the caviar pearls with a neutral spirit like vodka. This mixture allows the flavor of the caviar to stand out. 
  • Blanco tequila or gin: Clean-flavored spirits like tequila and gin complement the caviar flavor. 
  • Scotch: The smoky elements of warm scotch plump the caviar gems so that the oil flavors your scotch with rich, warm undertones.
  • Cognac: When infused with cognac, the gems give a sweet, caramel taste.
  • Champagne: A bubbly drink like Champagne pulls out the briny, salty taste of the caviar. The grape undertones in Champagne bring out a sweet lemon flavor. 

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Dehydrated caviar is an excellent addition to your kitchen, providing new flavors and garnishing opportunities. Dried caviar powder tastes delicious with pasta, eggs, blinis, and any meal where you'd appreciate a nutty, savory flavor. And when you infuse your drinks with dried caviar, guests will discuss your event well into the future. 

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