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Why Do People Eat Caviar?

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It's a common question we caviar enthusiasts get — why eat raw fish eggs? While we've written extensively about the how and when of eating caviar, we haven't yet discussed this fundamental question. 

It's time we explored the reason behind our exciting industry. Let's dive in. 

The Top 6 Reasons to Eat Caviar 

Every caviar connoisseur has different reasons for loving this delicacy, but there are a few that come up more than others. Here are the top six reasons why people eat caviar.

1. Scarcity

Caviar was once readily accessible — in fact, it used to be peasant food. Over the centuries, though, overfishing and unsustainable harvesting practices significantly reduced the number of sturgeon available, and caviar's value skyrocketed. 

And because caviar is only really caviar if it comes from specific species of sturgeon, it's even more difficult to obtain from wild sources. Beluga caviar, the most sought-after variety, is banned in the United States because beluga sturgeon are now on the endangered species list. Although 18 other species are also on the list, they are still legal to import. 

Its rarity is truly what makes caviar special. There's nothing quite like the feeling of indulging in something that's hard to find — much like seeing an endangered species in the wild, getting your hands on a tin of real caviar is a delightful treat. Fortunately, sustainable farming and human harvesting techniques have made it easier to obtain certain varieties of caviar in the U.S. 

2. Luxury

No matter where you're from, caviar has a kind of cool factor to it that few other foods possess. It calls to mind visions of opulence and elegance, mother-of-pearl utensils, and lavish formal attire. If you're posting beautiful plates of caviar on your Instagram, for example, you probably feel fancy and sophisticated. 

That extravagance is exactly why people break out the caviar on special occasions like big weddings, brand events, and New Year's Eve parties. It's a special day, so why not indulge a little? 

3. Taste

Caviar's flavor profile is, to put it simply, unmatched. When you taste your first bite of caviar, you'll know exactly what we mean. It has a rich flavor with briny, buttery, and subtle nutty tones that vary slightly depending on the type of caviar you choose. The beads' velvety texture melts in your mouth, lingering on the tongue just long enough to leave you wanting more. 

Plus, it's incredibly versatile. You can pair caviar with:

  • Finger foods: You can never go wrong with the classic blini-crème fraîche-caviar combo, as the neutral bases balance out the decadent caviar. Caviar also beautifully complements rich appetizers like potato salad and deviled eggs.
  • Entrees: A spoonful of caviar on creamy pasta or delicate seafood adds a touch of luxury that can completely transform a dish. Combine it with other gourmet items like white truffle oil, seared Wagyu steak, or pâté de foie gras for the ultimate fine dining experience.
  • Drinks: Mild spirits like chilled vodka and sake cleanse the palate in between bites of caviar, allowing you to fully savor its richness. Light-bodied wines like pinot grigio, cabernet sauvignon or riesling are also excellent pairings. 
  • Desserts: It might sound too good to be true, but caviar provides a deliciously salty contrast to sweets like white chocolate, dessert wines, vanilla ice cream, and panna cotta.

4. Cultural Significance

Caviar Russian royalty

The history of caviar is just as rich and fascinating as its flavor. The earliest known instances of people eating sturgeon caviar come from Ancient Greece, where they were considered a delicacy. But it was Russian royalty that turned it into the gourmet treat it is today.

Chasing each bite with chilled vodka, the Russian imperial court created an appetite that quickly spread across Europe and even to the United States. Americans began harvesting their own caviar from Delaware River sturgeon, eventually creating a demand that was so high saloons used to serve it for free. 

However, by the 20th century, caviar-producing sturgeons had become almost extinct in their native waters. Now that two-thirds of all sturgeon species are endangered, the fish's legacy is more valuable than ever. 

5. Health Benefits

Did you know caviar is loaded with nutrients? A single 1-ounce serving contains as much as 7 grams of protein, not to mention double your daily intake of vitamin B12 and a big dose of omega-3 fatty acids. 

These nutrients are all essential ingredients for maintaining a healthy mind and body. For example, omega-3s like docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) play a role in:

  • Lowering blood pressure.
  • Fighting inflammation.
  • Supporting collagen synthesis.
  • Promoting healthier, more youthful-looking skin.
  • Reducing symptoms of mood disorders.
  • Preventing blood clots from forming.

Although eating caviar regularly is unrealistic for most people, partaking here and there is a great way to indulge while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Add a scoop to your eggs for an extra vitamin boost in the morning, or pair caviar with some whole-grain crackers for a satisfying snack. 

6. Aesthetic Appeal

Whether you're eating it off your hand or spreading it on a blini, well-plated caviar just looks good. Its glistening beads can come in a wide variety of stunning shades, from gold to jade to jet black, and it creates the perfect garnish for any dish. 

That said, an excellent presentation can really make caviar stand out. The ivory white of the mother-of-pearl spoon provides a lovely contrast to the dark caviar pearls, and the ring of crushed ice surrounding the tin glints beautifully off the light. 

This upscale concept can elevate any space, which is why you should also consider setting up a catered caviar bar at your next event. Make your guests feel like royalty when they dip into the shimmering caviar with the luxurious utensils. 

Final Thoughts: Is Caviar Worth It? 

If you're looking at the price tag alone, it's easy to wonder whether caviar really deserves the hype. And we completely understand where you're coming from. That's why we at Imperia Caviar have taken it upon ourselves to provide premium caviar options that don't break the bank — or the environment.

But before we introduce ourselves, let's get back to the evidence. Caviar tastes delicious, it looks great, and it adds a degree of luxury to your most special events. So, to answer the question, yes. It is absolutely worth it. 

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