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What Is the Best Caviar?

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What Is the Best Caviar?

Caviar is a delicacy that enhances meals and adds a sense of sophistication to food. Their elegant texture, sophisticated flavors, and delightful mouthfeel create a wonderful eating experience that can elevate any meal. If you're beginning your caviar journey, we can help you find the best caviar. 

What Makes a Good Caviar?

Authentic sturgeon caviar has unique attributes that stand out against other fish varieties and faux caviar. This salt-cured delicacy comes from various sturgeon, giving each type a unique flavor that stands out on your plate. You can pair caviar with a variety of food to enhance your dining experience and create unique flavor combinations that are unlike anything you've ever eaten. Here's what makes good caviar:


Authentic caviar rolls in your mouth and slides over your tongue. Each pearl is distinct from the next. There is little to no mushiness in authentic, quality caviar. When you bite into quality sturgeon caviar, you'll experience a delightful creaminess and buttery texture as the flavors blend with your food pairings. Caviar should be smooth but not oily, sticky or dry. 


Caviar's unique flavor draws many people to it, and its taste is a tell-tale sign of quality caviar. A fish's diet and environment affect how caviar tastes. Wild sturgeon has a varied diet and produces more complex caviar flavors, while farm fish have a controlled diet and environment, leading to a uniform roe taste and quality. 

Caviar flavor also varies depending on the species of fish and salt content. Less salt is an indication of higher-quality caviar, although this caviar will have a more delicate life span. Caviar that has been stored for long stretches of time can become more intense and exude a musky flavor as the texture deteriorates. For a more nuanced flavor and authentic experience, freshly packed caviar will fulfill your desires. 


When you understand caviar grades, you can maximize your success in finding authentic caviar you love. Grade 1 caviar consists of the largest and most delicate eggs and has distinguishable colors and flavors. Grade 2 caviar produces less firm caviar and offers less flavor and rich colors. 

The Best Caviar Grade

Caviar grades account for size, hardiness, color, maturity, egg grain separation, lucidity, fragrance and uniformity. Size grading is the most important factor when considering authentic caviar, as this element affects the delicacy's flavor and texture. Color grading can be helpful but doesn't equate to having the best experience every time. Rely on size grading to find the same caviar experience at a more affordable price. 

 You don't have to be an expert to find the best caviar. By learning caviar grades, you can reduce your time looking for authentic caviar and immediately reach for the one you'll love. Keep in mind that caviar grade language varies by company as you search for the grade you enjoy most. 

Types of Caviar

Before deciding which caviar is best, you should know the various kinds on the market. You can find a wide range of caviar from different sturgeon fish. Below, you'll see some of the most popular types and learn the defining attributes of each. 

What is the best type of caviar


Ossetra caviar has a rich aroma with mineral fragrances. It has a firm texture, and its gentle, toasted finish washes over your palate to create a truly enriching experience. Ossetra pearls are visually appealing, ranging from black to dark gray with gold flecks or jade highlights. This sophisticated and elegant combination makes Ossetra one of the most popular caviar types, and it's easy to see why. 

Ossetra caviar offers a pleasing pop with every bite. The large pearls are satisfying and savory with bold flavors. As you indulge, you'll notice the briny flavor that leads you to remember the sea. Depending on where you buy your caviar, you might also note hints of fruity, earthy or nutty flavors. Demand for this caviar type has been increasing for several years, and you can pair it with various delicious foods. 

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This caviar type is often referred to as the "river Beluga." It offers a sustainable way to enjoy caviar without threatening endangered populations. Kaluga caviar is rare and delicious and can have a higher price tag than other caviar types. 

Kaluga Hybrid Reserve caviar is a blend of Kaluga and Amur sturgeon with a balanced flavor. The firm texture gives way to a velvety finish that resembles Beluga caviar. It has a buttery, mild flavor and a dark amber color with gold flecks. The delicious taste makes it excellent on food ranging from eggs to French blinis

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This classic roe is smaller than other varieties and has a gray-brown color. Sevruga caviar offers a clean flavor that pairs with a range of food and drinks. It provides a luxurious taste with a fresh finish to create a balanced eating experience. The flavor is buttery without being overly salty and offers a balance between creamy and clean. This caviar has a hint of salt and a delicate texture that enhances your meals without being overwhelming.


Beluga caviar is illegal in the United States because overfishing has endangered the animal. Americans have not been able to legally obtain beluga caviar for nearly two decades and have turned to other caviar varieties in the meantime. 

Wild seas Beluga caviar has a robust flavor and less salty taste. Due to the fish's status, this caviar can reach very high price points. Some varieties, such as French or Iranian caviar, offer a soft taste, while others, such as Russian Beluga, can be quite salty. Beluga eggs are large and flaunt an elegant black color. 

Other Types of Caviar

Although the few we've already listed are some of the most popular caviar varieties, you can find others on the market. American Hackleback originates in California and the Midwest. It has a smaller price tag than other varieties, making it a delightful choice for many caviar beginners. It has a clean taste and assertive flavor.

American paddlefish caviar has a bold flavor and smooth texture. The buttery flavor balances the earthy palate, creating a delightful experience. Many refer to this caviar variety as "Sevruga's cousin" because it shares similar attributes but has a much smaller price tag. 

Red caviar, such as salmon roe, tends to have a fishy taste, and the eggs can range in color and size depending on the fish species, age, water temperature and more. Salmon roe offers nutritional benefits like calcium, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A. This caviar type tends to have a bitterness that blends with a sweet, subtle flavor. 

As you explore caviar, you'll also likely find faux varieties. Fake caviar is flooding online marketplaces and in-person locations as it offers a cheap way to taste the delicacy. However, authentic sturgeon caviar's taste, texture and quality are unmatched. Always be sure to buy your caviar from a trusted vendor and research beforehand to have an authentic experience. 

What Is the Best Type of Caviar and Why?

Many people regard Kaluga caviar as the best due to its similarities to Beluga caviar. It is rare and luxurious and offers a more sustainable way to consume caviar. However, price does not equate to quality in caviar. Although caviar prices reflect a company's dedication to raising, harvesting, processing and shipping the product, they also reflect the fish availability. At Imperia Caviar, we offer high-quality caviar at an affordable price, making it easy to find varieties that complement your meals. 

Your tastes will help determine the best caviar for you. You may like the saltiness of one caviar over the sweetness of another. You may prefer smaller eggs as opposed to larger ones. Some caviar will be better suited to pair with foods and drink than others, so choosing the best caviar will be a matter of finding the one that best suits your needs and preferences. 

Explore the Best Caviar Varieties from Imperia Caviar

Explore the Best Caviar Varieties From Imperia Caviar

At Imperia Caviar, we uphold the idea that everyone should be able to experience the delight of caviar. Our hand-sorted sturgeon eggs come from sustainable farms and arrive at your door at only a fraction of the typical cost. 

When trying to find the best caviar, the best thing to do is experiment. With Imperia Caviar, you can access authentic caviar and discover food pairings and serving suggestions. Finding the best caviar has never been easier. Explore our high-quality caviar to find your favorite and taste the difference with Imperia Caviar. 

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